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As a torsion spring manufacturer, we craft an expansive collection of round-wire torsion springs. These can be tailored to individual requirements, including double torsion springs, different finishes or custom ends. We also have a large selection of materials, so we can supply to you as and when you require the product or you can choose to send us a custom request that we can make to order.

If you require torsion springs, please supply us with a drawing, so we can fulfil your request as needed. Alternatively, complete our contact form so we can provide you with a bespoke quote. 

In addition to torsion springs, we also manufacture compression springs, tension springs, wireform springs, flat springs, clock springs, garter springs and die springs. Not sure which ones you need? Contact us today!

What Are Torsion Springs?

Torsion springs are operated by exerting a rotary force, also called torque. These helical springs have ends, which attach to other components and the rotation (twisting) of these parts causes the springs to exert a force that enables them to return to their original positions. The helical spring stores mechanical energy that translates into a force to counter twist around a centre point. This torque is proportional to the angle of the turn.

How Do Torsion Springs Work?

These springs have legs which take on a significant role within their mechanism. A torsion spring manufacturer can choose to have different types of legs, such as axial, tangential or fixed-assembled and can be single or double-coiled (also known as a double torsion spring) depending on specifications and requirements. When designing a spring, the manufacturer or designer should consider space, load application and friction in order to best serve the purpose and use of the torsion spring.

Common Uses For Torsion Springs

One of the main uses of wire or large torsion springs or small torsion springs is in clothes pegs or washing line clips. However, their mechanism and design make them a suitable choice for use in garage doors, hinges, swing-down tailgates, counterbalances, lever return applications and clipboards.

Depending on their size, they can be used in smaller products, such as miniature springs being used in electronic devices, whilst larger springs are often used in chair control units.

The size of the spring ranges depending on the use, as well as the leg size and length. Another element that can be amended is the finish. As a torsion spring manufacturer, we offer varying finishes such as zinc, tin, chrome and copper plating. The specific use of the springs will also dictate the material used alongside the type to go with, whether it is a straight or open torsion.

More About Torsion Springs
Wire Size: 0.025mm (.005”) upwards.

Material: spring steel, stainless steel, silicon-chrome, high carbon, beryllium-copper, inconnel, galvanised wire, mild steel, phosphor bronze, brass.

Ends: there is a large variety of end types that can be put on a torsion spring including, machine loops, extended loops, double loops, tapers, threaded inserts, hooks or eyes at various positions, extended hooks.

Finishes: zinc/colour passivates, black zinc nickel, electroless nickel, black oxidise, copper plating, tin, chrome acid passivate, colour dyeing, silver.

Quantities: we can produce large quantities efficiently using modern computer-aided machines but we have the facility to make small quantities of prototypes and samples to specifications

Spring types at Irvine Springs

How Can Irvine Springs Help You?

The team at Irvine Springs are passionate about and dedicated to crafting and engineering high-quality and innovative tension springs, using the latest technology in the spring making industry, whilst providing our customers with a top-rated and bespoke service that fully meets their requirements.

If you would like to speak to one of our experts about your requirements or need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today by calling us on +44 (0)1294 279 396 or emailing us at We hope to hear from you soon!

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