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Torsion Springs

We manufacture a wide range of round-wire torsion springs to
individual requirements and keep a large selection of materials in stock.
Supply us with a drawing or enter the appropriate details on our contact
form and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.

How they work

Torsion springs work by exerting rotary force, also called torque. These helical springs have ends that attach to other parts and rotation (twisting) of these components causes the springs to exert force to return them to their original positions. The helical spring stores mechanical energy that translates into a force to counter twisting around a center point. This torque is proportional to the angle of the twisting. The springs have legs that play a significant role in their mechanism. A torsion spring manufacturer can choose to have different types of legs from axial to tangential to fixed-assembled. Torsion springs can be single or double-coiled, depending on specifications. When designing, one should consider space, load application and friction.

Torsion spring common uses

A popular use of wire torsion springs is in clothes pegs. They are also suitable for use in garage doors, hinges, swing-down tailgates, counterbalances, lever return applications and clipboards. The size ranges with the applications and so do the leg length and size. A torsion spring manufacturer offers finishes of varying kinds such as zinc, tin, chrome and copper plating. The specific use of the springs will also dictate the type to go with from straight to open torsion. Other considerations for buying wire torsion springs are material and wire size

Wire Size
0.025mm (.005”) upwards.
Spring steel, stainless steel, silicon-chrome, high carbon, beryllium-copper, inconnel, galvanised wire, mild steel, phosphor bronze, brass.
There is a large variety of end types that can be put on a tension spring including: machine loops, extended loops, double loops, tapers, threaded inserts, hooks or eyes at various positions, extended hooks.
Zinc/colour passivates, black zinc nickel, electroless nickel, black oxidise, copper plating, tin, chrome acid passivate, colour dyeing, silver.
We can produce large quantities efficiently using modern computer-aided machines but we have the facility to make small quantities of prototypes and samples to specifications.

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