Our Types Of Springs

Our Types Of Springs

Irvine Springs is an industry-leading spring manufacturer and supplier. We design, craft and engineer eight different types of springs, working with our customers from concept to delivery. Our top-grade materials and cutting-edge design and modelling software grants us increased productivity and a competitive lead time, all of which ensures our engineering excellence.

Our springs can be made to order, produced to fulfil your specific business needs, and are crafted with protective and decorative finishes as required. Our priority is providing you with high-precision and perfectly-designed springs, ascertaining customer satisfaction.

Tension Springs

Tension springs, also known as extension springs, are tightly wound coils which operate with tension force. Their helical coiled springs are designed to bring components together, and we include interfaces to facilitate attachment. Due to their design, size and flexibility, tension springs have a wide range of uses, and can be used in trampolines, farm machinery and washing devices.

Compression Springs

Compression springs, also known as coil springs, demonstrate resistance along the axis when pressed inwards. We produce the shape you need, whether this is concave, conical, convex, or a blended design. Compression springs are incredibly versatile, and we can advise you on the best compression spring type and specification to suit your needs. These springs can be used in ballpoint pens, medical devices and mattresses.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs exert a rotary force, known as torque. The spring attaches to other components, and the rotation of those components causes the spring to exert a force which rotates them back to the original position. Space, load application and friction should all be considered when designing and manufacturing. The use of the torsion spring will dictate the material and finish used. Depending on the size of the spring, it can be used in hinges, swing-down tailgates and chair control units.

Wire Forms

Wire forms are finished shapes of wire manufactured into specific configurations. They can be a straight wire with a simple bend, or a complex shape with multiple bends. Wire forms are used in the automotive industry, textile machinery, model engineering and classic cars, depending on their size and shape.

Flat Springs

Flat springs are strips of material which store and release energy, as they control deflection within a restricted space. They have a huge range of shape and size variations, and different coatings and finishes, which can enhance their valuable properties. Flat springs are used as electrical contacts, or combined with a counterweight to be used within vehicle exhaust systems.

Die Springs

Die springs, also known as high force or high load compression springs, maintain and withstand high levels of applied stress. They have a rectangular wire, allowing them to handle 30% more stress than their compression counterpart. A variety of dimensional ranges can be used, and material, wire size, finish and ends are all considered during design. Die springs operate within high temperatures, high loads and heavy machinery, and can be found in aircraft mechanisms, farm machinery and oil and gas drills.

Garter Springs

Garter springs, also known as oil springs, form a circle, providing a strong radial and clamping force. When created from compression springs, they exert an outward radial force, and when created from extension springs, they exert an inward radial force. Garter springs are commonly used to reinforce a rubber seal, ensuring that it remains secure despite changes in the liquid’s pressure or temperature.

How Can Irvine Springs Help You?

We are dedicated to the crafting and engineering of high-quality springs and wire forms and are incredibly proud of our highly-skilled team and the standard-setting work which our engineers produce.

Further information on all of our types of springs can be found on their respective product pages. We highly encourage you to speak to one of our experts about your requirements, or if you would like any further insight. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today by calling us on 01294 279 396 or emailing us at info@irvinesprings.com. We hope to hear from you soon!

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