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Irvine Springs is proud to be a leading spring manufacturer in the UK, supplying bespoke springs to companies all over the world. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we have the tools and expertise to create reliable solutions that won’t let you down. 

From the initial concept, through to the designing and manufacturing stages, our team of experts manage the entire spring manufacturing process from start to finish. We only work with the finest quality of materials here at Irvine Springs. Afterwards, our components will go through a thorough testing process too in order to guarantee our products a long service life each and every time. 

So, whether you already have a drawing of what you are looking for, or you would like to discuss your requirements with us, get in touch today

die springs

What Are Die Springs?

Die springs are sometimes known as high force or high load compression springs and they are specifically designed to maintain and withstand high levels of applied stress. Unlike standard compression springs, we manufacture them with rectangular wire instead of circular. As a result, this type of spring can handle up to 30% more stress than its compression counterpart. 

How Do Die Springs Work?

A die spring is a very robust type of spring and works by storing its energy once the load is first applied. The spring then tries to keep the two components separate. They differ from compression springs in that they are specially designed to offer predetermined pressure, particularly in extreme conditions. A tighter spring winding will yield a higher die spring rate. It is important that a die spring is installed pretensioned in order to avoid shock loads.

Common Uses Of Die Springs

Die springs are most suited to applications requiring high temperatures, high loads, or heavy machinery. With this in mind, they play an integral part within manufacturing and engineering industries. Some example applications include: 

  • Clutches and brakes
  • Aircraft mechanisms
  • Oil and gas drills
  • Farm machinery

As a UK leading die spring manufacturer, we allow a variety of dimensional ranges to be used and when looking at die springs, factors such as the material, wire size, finish and ends will determine the appropriate choices.

Specifications Of Our Die Springs

As experienced spring manufacturers, we are very versatile when it comes to meeting spring requirements. In fact, our knowledge and experience combined with our state-of-the-art facilities allows us to offer many customisable spring variations. With different sizes, materials, and finishes to choose from, you can be sure you are getting exactly what you need from Irvine Springs.

How Can Irvine Springs Help You?

If you are looking for die springs in the UK or worldwide, Irvine Springs can certainly help. As leading spring suppliers, we have a wide variety of solutions to choose from, including tension springs, torsion springs, garter springs, wire forms, compression springs, clock springs, garter springs and flat springs.

Our team is dedicated to engineering high-quality and reliable solutions that truly stand the test of time. Expertly designed and crafted, we manufacture all of our springs to the highest of standards.

For further information, or to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today by emailing info@irvinesprings.com or calling +44 (0)1294 279 396.

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