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Clock Springs

Clock Springs

Everything you need to know about Clock Springs

Our company ensures our people have intensive skills training in all aspects of manufacturing and testing for the products we provide. By doing this not only can we move forward with confidence but so too can our customers.

Designed to provide torsion, Clock Springs are at times needed in place of traditional torsion springs as they rotate in round motions. Clock springs, as a kind of torsion spring, are prepared from flat wires instead of round wires. The main difference between the two lies in the way the force is presented, as a clock spring revolves around an object's axis, pushing its force onto another object via the outer edge of the spring.  One of the most common uses for clock springs is to make up stainless steel components in watches, if you were wondering where the name comes from, also torque capacity is reduced in clock springs.  Particularly in re-winding and counterbalancing systems, clock springs have found many other applications.

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