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Welcome to our blog! Here you will find content from behind the scenes at Irvine Springs as well as the latest company news and updates and content about spring manufacturing, its history and the uses of springs. 

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Sustainability in Manufacturing

Sustainability in Manufacturing I Irvine Springs

Sustainability is an increasingly important consideration for many industries around the world.  In the UK, the manufacturing sector is a significant contributor to the economy and employs over 2.7 million people.Manufacturing industries have been widely recognised for their negative impact on the environment through waste and energy usage. As such, it has a crucial role […]

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Scotland’s Leading Spring Supplier Is Exhibiting at Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2023

Irvine Springs Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2023

Irvine Springs will be heading down to Farnborough to exhibit at the UK’s most comprehensive industrial exhibition. Exhibiting at stand D200 from the 7th until the 9th of February, Irvine Springs, Scotland’s Leading Spring Supplier, is excited to meet existing and future partners within the manufacturing and electronics sectors. Southern Manufacturing and Electronics is widely […]

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What Spring Technology Do We Use?

Spring manufacturing technology

From everyday consumer products to industrial equipment, springs are universal in all kinds of machines. Disassemble anything involving a mechanism and chances are, there is spring technology inside. Every spring comes with its own behavioural and design characteristics that must be considered depending on the project. As spring technology engineering has advanced due to advances […]

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7 Ways To Maximise Spring Life Cycle

Tension Springs

Spring life expectancy depends on the application in which the spring is being used. Factors such as force, environmental conditions and materials all have an impact on a spring’s life. Maximising your spring life cycle is essential to consider when specifying springs as they are vital components within the assembly of any project.  Spring failure […]

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Who Is Robert Hooke And What Did He Discover?

Robert Hooke

Robert Hooke was an English physicist, best known for discovering the Law of Elasticity, or,  Hooke’s Law. In this blog post we’re going to cover everything there is to know about Robert Hooke, from who he is and what he discovered, to his influence on modern science and manufacturing.  Irvine Springs is a spring manufacturer […]

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Top 2021 Manufacturing Trends To Watch This Year

Working at the Workbench

Now that we’re a quarter of the way into the year, we want to make our official predictions for the future of manufacturing. We have identified 14 manufacturing trends which we believe will arise this year, as influenced by growing demand, advances in technology and the triumphs and failures of previous years. Although these trends […]

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A Message from the MD

Irvine Springs

The team at Irvine Springs hopes you, your family and work colleagues are keeping safe and well during this time. Neil Matthews, MD at Irvine Springs, has delivered an important message, reassuring our customers that we remain open for business during this unprecedented time and that our five core reasons to purchase from us are […]

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