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Irvine Springs, based in Ayrshire, is a leading bespoke spring manufacturer in Scotland, serving customers throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the globe through unrivalled reputation and engineering excellence.

As an industry-leading spring manufacturer and spring supplier, we craft and engineer made-to-order tension springs, compression springs and torsion springs as well as wire forms, flat section parts, clock springs and die springs, all crafted in a wide range of materials with protective and decorative finishes as required.

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Wire Forms

Flat Springs


From sketch, design and manufacture
through to delivery of your finished product

Our Service As Spring Suppliers

We pride ourselves on being one of the best industry-accredited spring manufacturers in the UK and our team of spring makers at Irvine Springs are 100% dedicated to providing a customer-focused and bespoke service right from sketch, design and manufacturing through to delivery to your door.


The team at Irvine Springs are fully committed to supplying springs that consistently meets all customer requirements. We always strive to perfect our spring manufacturing techniques, machinery and expertise using the latest technology in the industry, enabling us to craft with ultimate precision and quality in our products.


Quality and excellence are our minimum product standards, which means you will receive made-to-order products that are as unique as you and your business. We can meet you at your site to discuss your requirements and understand your environment, enabling us to provide you with high-precision and perfectly-designed springs.


We’re delighted to offer our customers tailored packaging options to suit you and your springs. Whether you’d like them on an adhesive coated card, in recyclable moulded plastic trays or bagged in small, fully-labelled quantities, we’ll ensure that your products reach you safely and in faultless condition.


Receiving 100% quality and innovative springs means nothing if we don’t consistently deliver on time. From local deliveries via our own transport to tracked international shipments, we are highly experienced in meeting often demanding delivery schedules and have a passion for exceeding customer expectations.


Being a fully-accredited spring manufacturer with over 50 years in the engineering industry means we place our customers and the quality of our springs at the very core of our business, setting us apart from our competition. Your satisfaction is paramount and our ongoing investment in our engineers and technology keeps us at the forefront of the spring manufacturing industry.


Our vision doesn’t just stop at the delivery of your springs and we understand that it’s not just about our products, which is why we offer creative supply solutions and design services, such as Kanban, consignment stock, LTAs, VMI, DLF and export shipping. Anything you need, we can provide.


Dedicated sales manager and highly skilled

Industry Accreditations

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